Shoreline Sightseeing's Online Exams

Please take the exam were the Training Guide tells you.
Please read the Guide and watch the DVD's for that section before you take the exam.
These exams are to help us find out were you might need more time during your on vessel training and to confirm you have read the guide and watched the DVD.

You will be asked to create a user name and password to access the exam. You can keep using the same user name and password for all the exams. There is no time limit!

Please enter Deckhand as the Class Title, then click on Keyword Search to bring up a list of our exams.

Check the box(s) for the Shoreline Sightseeing Exams and click on Register.

Last, click on the blue Classes tab near the top right, then take the exam for the section you have read and watched.

Online Exam for Training Guide Section




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