Before the start of your first shift you should have taken a pre-employment drug test and returned a receipt of that test to your manager. Shoreline must have your drug test results before you can be considered a crew member. You should have also received the Employee Handbook and reviewed policies regarding uniform and crew conduct. The following is an outline of what is expected of you during your first 3 days of training. There is a lot of information here but don’t worry. You will have plenty of hands-on training throughout the next week to soak it all in. If you have any questions of what is expected of you throughout training do not hesitate to ask a captain or manager- they are eager to help you learn.

    DAY 1

    View Passenger Vessel Association training videos:

    “Personal Safety For The Crew Member”/ “Preventing Slips, Trips And Falls”/ “Line Handling”/ “Fire Fighting”/ “Security Awareness”/ “Intro to Life Saving”

    Read/ review sections 2 -5 of this Deckhand Training Manual.

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    Onboard vessel orientation- Become familiar with routine deck duties to include:

    Gangway procedure/ Taking tickets/ Keeping and recording passenger counts/ Departing procedure/ Monitoring decks while underway/ Docking procedure


    DAY 2

    Become familiar with start of shift and pre-cruise duties to include:

    Morning set-up/ Cleaning/ Taking on fresh water/ Shore power/ Fire hose operation to scrub decks/ Singling –up/ Setting gangway

    Read/ review sections 6 and 7 of Deckhand Training Manual. Complete review questions in FIRE, MOB, and ABANDON SHIP.

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    Practice tying cleat hitch/ round turn and two half hitches.

    Become familiarized with deck lay-out to include the location and use of:

    Adult PFDs/ Child PFDs/ Fire extinguishers/ Fire stations/ Fire Axe/ First aid kit/ Life rings/ Life sling/ MOB ladder/ Boat hook/ Baby net/ Work Vests/ MOB gate

    Complete an engine check under the supervision of a senior deckhand

    Become familiar with post- cruise duties to include:

    Pumping out black water/ Setting out and tying all overnight lines/ Post-cruise clean-up/ Shore power


    DAY 3

    Participate in man overboard drill as “spotter”. Learn various roles in MOB procedure including life sling operation and ladder deployment.

    Participate in fire drill to include how to use a fire extinguisher to put out a trash can fire.

    Become familiarized with deck lay-out to include the location and use of:

    General alarm/ Bar intercom/ PA system/ Emergency contact list/ Breaker panels/ Emergency fuel- shut offs/ Engine room fan shut-offs/ Vent dampers/ Engine Room fixed fire system pulls/ Escape hatches

    Continue to practice tying cleat hitch and round turn and two half hitches

    Read/ review section 7 of Deckhand Training manual. Complete review questions in Security Awareness

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    Complete TSA security training courses:

    “Security Awareness For Passenger Vessel Employees”/ “IED/VBIED Recognition and Response for Passenger Vessels and Terminals”/ “Basic Screening Procedures For Maritime Transportation Security”/ “Terminal and Shipboard Evacuation”

    Complete in- house CPR course

    Continue with MOB, FIRE, ABANDON SHIP/ FLOODING drills to include: MOB ladder deployment/ Fire pump operation/ CO2 pull/ Bilge pump operation/ Crew communication/ Contingency scenarios (medical emergency, remote docking, and emergency passenger management)

    After day 3 you should know how to: Properly board and disembark passengers/ Ensure passenger and crew safety while underway/ Conduct an engine room check/ Tie a line to a cleat/ Tie a fender/ Properly use the spring line and safety line/ Locate and don all PFDs/ Locate and use all fire extinguishers/ Locate and use all MOB equipment/ Properly secure the vessel at the end of the day


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